Italian Sausage

In 1959, when a well-known Italian restaurant needed an authentic Italian sausage for the Heritage Festival in Louisville, Kentucky, they knew who to ask for the best cuts and freshest ingredients.

By this time, the Purnells had set up their new operation in Simpsonville, with kid brothers Fred and Bob making the “Old Folks” sausage while their brother Al and their daddy Fred Sr. went out to sell it. Trusting the Purnell family turned out to be a fine idea for this Italian family—and for everyone who loves authentic Italian sausage.

Savory-sweet with fennel and always perfectly seasoned, our recipe brings you a taste of Italian country sausage by way of Kentucky, made with the best, hand-selected cuts of ham loin and tenderloin. The same Purnell’s Italian Sausage that been used in famous dishes in dozens of fine Italian restaurants can help make your dishes famous too.

In Italy, they’d call it “Molto Bennn-ne!” Here in Kentucky, you know what they say: “It’s Gooo-od!”