Cooked Bratwurst

Brats from an Authentic German Recipe:

In 1950 Fred and Clara Purnell moved the family of six to Louisville, Kentucky. They rented a small plant from the Schwabs, a German family who had been known for making fine bratwurst in their home. The Schwabs asked Fred and Clara if they would make their authentic brats for them and the rest of Louisville’s growing German community in their plant. There was a recipe exchange, and the Schwab family and their friends loved their Purnell’s Brats.

Then in January of 2019, when the Kentucky Blue Played the Purnell’s “Old Folks” Country Sausage Ballet for Bitburg, Germany City Officials, the Purnell family was in Germany with them to cook up the same famous brats the Schwab family had asked us to make 60 years ago. They all kept saying, “Das ist guuu-ut!” We think that means, “It’s Gooo-od!”

Available in Original and with Bell Peppers & Onions. Both go great in recipes.