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Bourbon Flavored Smoked Country Sausage

Here at Purnell’s, we’re smack in the middle of bourbon country. Some of the most famous bourbon distillers in the world are just a few miles down the road, and many of the bourbon-making families have enjoyed our sausage for generations. When these distillers make their fine bourbon, they can only use the charred oak barrels once. So it only makes sense that we’d get a hold of some of that great barrel wood to use in our smoking process. The result is the best bourbon-smoked sausage money can buy. It’s smoky. It’s bourbon-y. And, “It’s Gooo-od!”

Hot Smoke Sausage

Whether you eat them right off the grill, or serve them over red beans and rice, you’ll love the spicy smokey flavor of our Hot Smoke Sausage.  While the sweat beads on your forehead, you’ll say to yourself, “It’s Gooo-od!”