Ollie’s Momma’s Bologne Salad

David Oliver was a sales rep for Purnell's for 30 years. He would travel to grocery stores all over to do in-store tasting samples. Those who knew him best called him Hammer or Ollie. His momma made him this bologna salad sandwich for work. We hope you enjoy.


Mix all ingredients together and enjoy on a sandwich or an side serving.

If you eat it as a sandwich, spread on white or toasted wheat bread. Top with lettuce, tomato and a side of pickle.


• 1/2 Pound Purnell’s Old Fashion Bologna finely chopped
• 2 “Hardboiled eggs, finely chopped”
• 2 T Chopped Onion
• 3 T “Sweet Pickles, chopped fine”
• 1 “Celery stalk, chopped fine”
• 1 tsp Pepper
• 1 T Garlic powder
• 1 T Yellow mustard
• 3 T Mayonnaise or salad dressing

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