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Searching For Smokehouse Sausage

Lynn Chesser with the Carver's - Smokehouse Sausage

Lynn Chesser with the Carver’s from Missouri.

Theresa Carver calls Purnell’s Sausage on February 1, 2017 asking about availability of our famous Smokehouse Sausage.  Lately, she has had no luck finding it in or around Jefferson City, Missouri.  They had previously bought it at Cracker Barrel restaurants in the cloth bags, but Cracker Barrel has since discontinued that item. Also it is not available in their local Hy-Vee grocery as it was at one time.

She wanted to know if they drove down to pick some up, could I sell it to them.  I informed her that I could ship it directly to their door if they wanted me to. She said she and her husband were both retired and sometimes took two or three day trips.  So they could just pick it up. At that point, I informed her that if they were going to drive that distance I would not have a problem selling her whatever she wanted to buy.

Theresa said that they would bring coolers because they would probably pick up several cases. She said it would not work to just take back one or two cases because family would be wanting some of it. They drove down Monday, February 7, 2017  and stayed at one of the hotels on Blankenbaker Lane in Jeffersontown, KY.  With the hotel near a Cracker Barrel, they were able to have a Purnell’s breakfast before the long trip back home. There is no length to what people will do for our product when they want MO in Missouri.  Glad to help Gooo-od Folks that go the distance for our products.

Lynn Chesser
Customer Service

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