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Spooky Halloween Appetizers

Looking for some spooky Halloween appetizers? Look no further with these scary gooood party appetizers!

Sausage Mummies




1 tube of 6, ready-to-roll croissants.

12 Purnell’s Country Sausage Links

2 tsp yellow mustard, plus a little extra to decorate!

1 tblsp honey

1 tblsp ketchup

Oil for greasing


  1. Heat oven to 400 degrees and grease 2 baking trays with oil. Mix the honey, ketchup and mustard together in a bowl, then brush over Purnell’s Country Sausage Links.
  2. Unroll the croissant dough and divide into 3 rectangles. Cut into long thin strips – you should get about 16 per rectangle.
  3. Wind the little croissant strips around the sausages, leaving a little gap at one end to make a slit for the eyes. Place on baking trays and bake for 20 mins. Cool a little, then, dot a pair of little yellow eyes with mustard on to each mummy.

Need something a little more spooky?

Bloody Severed Frank Fingers


1 package of Purnell’s Old Fashioned Franks

White Onion



  1. Cut franks in half and cut a small section of the tip off. This is where the nail will go.
  2. Make cuts half way down the frank halves. These will be the knuckles and add texture to the fingers.
  3. Cut onion into thick, triangular/nail shapes. Boil franks and onion pieces for a few minutes. This will curl the fingers slightly.
  4. Place a small amount of ketchup on the end of the franks where the nail will go. Place onion “nails” onto frank.
  5. “Bloody” up with ketchup to aesthetic preference.

It's Gooo-od

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